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The Original 1908 Around the World Race
New York to Paris

Times Square, February 12, 1908 with over 250,000 cheering the start of the race to circle the globe from New York to Paris by automobile!

It would become the longest auto competition in history, often with no roads & during a bitter cold winter. The Around the World Race covered 22,000 miles in 169 days. Teams from Italy, Germany, France and the United States ultimately proved these new "horseless carriages" could travel long distances, and teh automobile industry boomed.

Upon return to the U.S., a hero's welcome and ticker tape parade greeted George Schuster, driver of the American built Thomas Flyer which won this epic event.

The winning record still stands...over a century later!!

Promo clip for The Greatest Auto Race on Earth, a two-hour documentary that tells the story of the men and machines that traveled around the world from New York to Paris in 1908.


Hall of Fame Announcement June 21st, 2010
(View the Official Press Release)

On October 12, 2010 George Schuster will be inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame! This is the single greatest honor in the motor vehicle industry, intended to honor a career and/or lifetime achievement. To become a Hall of Famer, the nominee must be either retired or deceased. Recipients must have significantly impacted the development of the automobile or the motor vehicle industry. Typically, only four to eight individuals are inducted each year.

Price Team Racing will be there!

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Read "Can History Repeat Itself?" written by Jeff Mahl, Great Grandson of George Schuster Sr.!




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